Dolce vita
Pasta ?
... or pizza



Italian gastronomy is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, which, is itself, part of the intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. For the Italian population, cooking is an art of living that seduces. The Italians want to use mainly fresh, seasonal and local products. The constant search for a gustatory balance that highlights the flavour of each food dominates Italian culinary recipes. Italian gastronomy, simple but tasty, is a culture that originates from the heritage of each family.

Tea art includes the appreciation of tea techniques and the appreciation of artistic manipulation methods, as well as the appreciation of the beautiful environment, and the beautiful artistic conception of the whole tea-teaching process. The process embodiment and the spiritual unity are the cultural phenomena formed during the tea-drinking activities. It has a long long history, a profound cultural heritage, and a connection with religion.



Tea art includes a series of content such as selection, water selection, tea cooking techniques, tea art, and environmental selection. The tea art background is an important means to set off the theme of the idea, which renders the pure, elegant and simple temperament of tea, and enhances the artistic appeal. Different styles of tea have different background requirements, and only the right background can better understand the taste of tea.